About Us
Owners Brad Kampen and Bruce Deboer formed a partnership years ago. With the talents brough forward by both of these individuals they manage to service the needs in the Landscape Maintenance and the Landscape Construction Department.

Kampen's Landscape Maintenance Ltd. is an owner-operated company where both owners work alongside their employees, ensuring quality and value in a timely fashion. All activities are covered by applicable licenses and the required insurance to protect our clients as well as our firm. Safety is very critical to us for the sake of our clients, staff and our firm. Our trained staff will be able to assist you on all your Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Construction needs.

Kampen's Landscape Maintenance Ltd., with up to date trucks, bobcats, maintenance equipment, and the trained staff to work the equipment, are able to perform any task our clients request. We are confident in the services we provide, and our combination of quality work and reasonable rates assures you of total satisfaction.
(c) Nate Bosscher, Rik Jansen